A man wearing a mask and gloves is working on a roof for a roofing company.

“If it isn’t broken, don’t repair it” might be true in some cases, but if we’re talking about roofs, that’s one of the worst strategies. If you notice any issues on your roof, don’t let them grow because roofing problems sometimes grow exponentially.

So it’s safe to say that…

The Longer You Wait, the More Expensive It Gets

Many homeowners think that losing a shingle isn’t a big deal, so they don’t do anything about it for months. And having a roof with missing shingles is terrible because it’s only a matter of time before more shingles get blown off.

Without shingles, the underlayment is exposed to weather conditions which almost always leads to leaks if not addressed for a long time. That’s how a small problem can grow into something serious. And it doesn’t always take long for a roofing issue to evolve.

If gutters need repair and a storm hits the area, the homeowner can expect water damage on the walls and in the basement. Unlike slow-developing leaks that sometimes take months to show visible signs, overflows cause damage in a couple of hours. Cracked walls, blistering paint, cracked sidewalk, or flooded basement. All of that can happen to people who don’t repair their gutters.

And each roof part can cause problems if not maintained.

If you notice your flashings are rusted or have hail damage, don’t wait. It’s easier to replace flashings than repair leaks. The same goes for roof vents. It takes 5 minutes to check it and a couple of hours to repair it, but neglect it; it could turn your attic into an empire of mold (and eventually cause leaks).

That’s why it pays off to deal with the problems before they get out of control, especially if you can do some of those repairs alone. But we still advise you to choose professional over DIY roof repair because it pays off in the long run (and you aren’t risking your health).

Poor Roof May Put Your Health At Risk (And Raise Your Bills)

We can’t talk about neglected roofs without mentioning what they do to everyone living under them. Roof vents and attic insulation affect your energy bills by regulating the temperature of the house, so they’re indirectly responsible for the health of your entire home.

Yet don’t forget that roof vent keeps your family healthy.

Mold loves humid, warm attics. And the worst thing is that you probably won’t notice before mold takes over the attic and starts showing as tiny black dots on your ceiling.

That’s why you should check your roof vent and attic more often. It takes you 5 minutes. Just climb to the attic with a smoke stick, light it and watch the smoke. Call your contractor immediately if the smoke floats around you because it’s a sign that your roof vent doesn’t work.

You Won’t Have Trouble With the Insurance Company

Insurance companies must protect themselves from irresponsible homeowners, so every policy says that wear and tear aren’t covered. It means that a representative of your insurance provider will come to check the roof before a repair to determine if the problem could’ve been avoided by proper maintenance.

That ties back to the first point – the sooner you address problems on your roof, the more affordable the repair will be. Neglect the problem, and it will develop into something more serious, expensive, and time-consuming.

So inspect your roof after every storm to be sure you’re up-to-date with all the problems (so you can avoid getting bad news from the insurance company). And it’s advisable to have at least one professional roofing inspection a year because contractors have the experience and tools needed to diagnose the issues before they become massive problems.

However, it matters who does the inspection. And to be sure you called the best local roofing contractor, get in touch with the roofing contractor Dunn NC with rich experience.

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