Tyler McGowan - Tyler grew up a military brat bouncing from state to state before settling down in Georgia, where he met his wife Casey. Tyler and Casey have a beautiful daughter named Mylan. Tyler has been helping homeowners for years with their roofing needs in South Georgia and decided to move his skills to North Carolina. Tyler is very passionate about helping everyone  in the community by doing what it takes to give homeowners the best roofing experience imaginable. In his off time, you can catch Tyler on the golf course, spending time with his family,  watching football and UFC on the weekends.

Nolan Clark - Nolan is an alumni of Georgia Southern University. After 5+ years in the student housing industry he was ready for a career where he could have an impact on others. Nolan is excited to have found an opportunity where he can help others by providing high-quality roofs for the residents of North Carolina. He is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, building lasting relationships, and doing everything he can to ensure the customer is satisfied with every step of the roofing process. Nolan’s hobbies include being an avid sports fan, golfing, and cooking/trying new foods. Nolan has never met someone he didn’t get along with and looks forward to serving his new community.


Christian is a recent Georgia Southern graduate with a BA in Modern Languages for Professions. After a stint in corporate sales, the passion was not there, and he decided to take a leap and venture into this industry. He has found it very rewarding to be able to help make a difference in the lives of others. He considers the best part of his job as being able to wake up each day and help homeowners in their struggle with insurance companies to help them replace a roof, and ultimately establish peace of mind for their families regarding their personal safety. As VP of Sales, it is his goal to establish our company as your go to solution of your roofing needs by creating value through our outstanding customer service, client relationships, and concern of the well-being of our neighbors, friends, and families.


Daniel is a happily married man to Francesa and a father to an amazing three year old girl named Layla.The sport he loves to play is soccer, while the sport he loves to watch is professional football. He was raised near Atlanta Georgia before moving to Statesboro Georgia, where he attended and graduated from Georgia Southern University in General Psychology and Writing. During and after his time at the university, he acquired over ten years of leadership experience in fast food, maintenance, banking, retail, and multi-unit positions before deciding to be a part of The Roof Mentors’ team. He was drawn to this company by the integrity and morals that Tyler McGowan and Nolan Clark embody in their business and everyday life. He is super appreciative of the opportunity to be able to help others in a way that directly and positively affects their lives on a daily basis. 


Kenny is a mid-40’s husband and father of two teenagers. Kenny has been working in the customer service industry for over 20 years. He prefers to treat every customer he meets as his own family. His hobbies include riding his motorcycle, making handmade pens and doing hands on activities and smoking meat. In his free time, he enjoys restoring old motorcycles and helping people around the neighborhood. He as proclaimed himself as a workaholic but likes to spend as much time as he can with family and friends. You can call him today for all your roofing needs.


Vinnie started working for us at the beginning of the year (2022) after we had met a few times outside of work and thought he would be a great fit for The Roof Mentors. With core family values, being a veteran of the United States Army, going through some things as a kid has turned him into an outstanding person. We constantly see growth in him outside and inside of work and as always has the drive to get better in any aspect of life every day. He truly loves to help the community and has lived in the Fayetteville / Hope Mills area for over six years, but has lived all over the country throughout his childhood until he joined the military and ended up in Fayetteville. As he likes to say STAY BLESSED !!!!!!


As a 27-year-old who has done just about every trade you can think of,  he has found his home with The Roof Mentors. As a field relations executive, Nick has the privilege of helping and meeting new, beautiful people each and every day. He prides himself on his work ethic and integrity. Nick strives to do the absolute best job possible in the most efficient way. Whether it has been plumbing, construction, carpeting, millwright work, or roofing,  his customers have always been his number one priority. On that note, call The Roof Mentors Today and ask for Nick! Help Nick Help you!


Jeff grew up way down in South Carolina. Tired of living boring days over and over, he decided to join The Roof Mentors so that he may make an impact. Helping others become more important as he grew older. Coming up around a military family, respect and responsibility means everything to Jeff. Being able to reflect that within this company has shown him that working with others inside and outside of work is worthy of a great career.


Dross is new to the area and brings 14 years of roofing experience. He also loves working with people and has 35 years of customer service to back it up. Dross joined this company to help as many homeowners as he can to affordably protect their number one asset.


Shawn is an Army veteran that grew up in Panama City, Florida. HE got stationed at Fort Bragg in early 2016. Upon getting out, he spent a brief time at Fayetteville state, where he walked on the football team. Shawn loves helping and working with people. In his spare time, you'll find him at the gym or spending time with his dog. Shawn is excited to be able to continue to help others in his community.


As a Field Relations Executive, Carvin has had the pleasure of working directly with a variety of people including veterans, first-time homebuyers, renters, or anyone who just has a question they need a Roof Mentor to answer. Carvin is a local from the Fayetteville Area, so he appreciates the work we do as a company to help foster strong relationships within our own community. He is a Fayetteville State University graduate with a BA in Music Education. After a short time in the education field as a band director, he discovered that his true calling was communicating and helping people. He has found that being able to touch a different homeowner's life every day is an amazing experience unlike any other.


Chris García Hernández was born in Sanford, NC, and raised in Mexico. He loves to play soccer. He has never been afraid of getting on a roof and has more than 3 years of experience in roofing. Chris is married with a newborn daughter and wants to give the best he can for them. Every day he looks forward to meeting with homeowners and making sure their new roof is perfectly installed and that they feel great about our work. My goal is to help the company grow and leave a smile on every homeowner we work with.


Dana brings several years of experience in management and construction. She dedicates every day to making sure our homeowners are taken care of and that our standards of communication are met. She is a very proud mother and grandmother. Her favorite things to talk about include her granddaughter’s accomplishments and how UNC is the best team in college basketball. She is happy to assist you with getting your free estimate!


Jason is a Field Relations Executive for The Roof Mentors. He has proudly been in the roofing industry for over 27 years. The hobbies he enjoys the most are fishing and being outdoors. He also enjoys an occasional whiskey, neat. Jason believes in the power of teamwork, positivity, and determination, and is excited to be a part of The Roof Mentors team!

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