Are you gearing up for a roof replacement? Too many North Carolina homeowners simply assume it’s best to choose the same roofing materials again. That’s a shame, because it’s probably been at least 15 to 20 years since you last had a new roof installed — and the roofing industry has gone through many exciting changes since then.

Energy-efficient roofing protects your roof from the weather and invaders, just like any other roof, but its job description is broader. Sustainable roofing is an integral part of your mission to save on energy bills, adopt a greener way of living, and enjoy a more comfortable home.

Why Consider Energy-Efficient Roofing for Your North Carolina Home?

Choosing energy-efficient “cool-roofing” materials for your North Carolina home may seem like a big step — especially when you take the fact that modern sustainable roofing materials tend to have higher upfront costs than standard asphalt shingles into account. However, many homeowners who “do the math” discover that energy-efficient roofing is just the kind of game-changer they need.

Cooler Roofs Make for a More Comfortable Home (While Allowing You to Save Energy)

These two benefits are so intertwined that it doesn’t make much sense to separate them. A cooler roof, which reflects sunlight to prevent your home from overheating, gets you through North Carolina’s scorching summers in comfort. When your home is naturally cooler, you won’t feel the need to blast your AC as much — and that’ll save you money.

You Can Take Advantage of Rebates to Reduce the Upfront Costs of Your Energy-Efficient Roofing

Through its HEAR and HOMES programs, the US Department of Energy makes over $208 million in funding for energy-efficient home improvements available to North Carolina homeowners. In some cases, these rebates cover as much as 80 percent of the total cost of your project. Eco-friendly roofing gets a whole lot more affordable this way, allowing NC property owners to consider roofing choices that might otherwise have been out of reach.

Sustainable Roofing Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

If you’re hoping to adopt a greener way of life and reduce your carbon footprint, energy-efficient roofing is a significant step. That’s not just because cooler roofs slash your energy usage, but also because many eco-friendly roofing materials are specifically designed to be recyclable.

Green, Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials Are Often More Durable

Do you simply want the best roof — the kind that can handle any weather conditions the North Carolina weather might throw at it, including the occasional hurricane? The same roofing materials designed to be energy-efficient also often happen to be the sturdiest, most durable, and most aesthetically appealing ones.

Sounds Great! What Are My Eco-Friendly Roofing Options?

You have more options than you might think! Eco-friendly and Energy-Star-rated roofing choices can include:

  • Beautiful, eco-friendly metal roofing
  • Natural slate, concrete, or terra cotta roof tiles
  • High-end asphalt shingles coated with reflective granules
  • Solar shingle roofs — which generate power for your home
  • Energy-efficient roof coatings to add a reflective layer to your existing roofing materials

If you’d love to examine these energy-efficient roofing options more closely, and explore which ones may be right for your North Carolina home, the Roof Mentors are the local roofer you can count on! Give us a call when you’re ready, whether you’d just like some answers to your burning questions or you’d like a free consultation to get the ball rolling. Roofing just got a whole lot more exciting, and our experienced team would be thrilled to help you save money on energy bills while adopting a greener way of life!

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