Worker's gloved hand installing gutter guards on a roof to prevent clogging by leaves, with the company logo of the roof mentors.

Gutter Guards and Their Role in Preventing Clogs and Debris

Your gutters are an absolutely critical part of your roofing system. They gently guide rainwater off your roof and away from your property’s foundation, ensuring it follows a predictable path. As well as protecting your home, gutters keep all the other places where water could otherwise go safe.

Here’s the thing, though — gutters clog. That’s annoying at best and dangerous at worst, as having a clogged drainage system in place can provide the illusion that your gutter is working when it isn’t.

So, what’s the solution? It’s time to get our heads out of the gutter and look beyond, to gutter guards. Maintaining clean gutters has never been so easy!

The Benefits of Adding Gutter Guards During Gutter Installation

At their core, gutter guards are nifty systems designed to take your drainage capabilities to the next level. While they’re definitely an added expense, gutter guards have more than a few compelling benefits. Let’s take a look:

  • Anti-clog. Without gutter guards, debris from your roof and surrounding trees can freely pour into your gutter while it rains, blocking them and forcing you to clean your gutters or hire someone for the job. Gutter guards keep your gutters free.
  • Low-maintenance. Yes, that means less gutter cleaning! If that doesn’t sound like music to your ears, we don’t know what does.
  • More durable gutters. Having gutter protection installed also means that your gutters and downspouts will ultimately last longer, saving you money in the long run.
  • No pests. By preventing gutter clogs, gutter guards keep your drainage system free from debris. That makes it less likely that various critters will want to set up shop there.

The most compelling reason to get gutter guards, though? Clean gutters free from debris work properly — which is why you had gutters installed in the first place. Rainwater will glide off your roof like water off a duck’s back, and it will go exactly where you want it to.

A Look at Your Gutter Cover Options

Are you strongly considering adding guards to help you with maintaining clean gutters? Your job isn’t quite done yet, because several gutter cover systems are on the market. These handy covers can be made from:

  • Mesh. Installed on top of your gutters, mesh gutter covers allow water in while preventing debris like leaves and twigs from following. Some have an arched shape that can make them even more effective.
  • Foam. These gutter guards are installed inside your gutters, where they allow water to flow through while not giving debris any chance. These guards don’t last as long, but they block even smaller debris.
  • Brush guards. This type of gutter guard also sits inside your gutter. It’s made of coarse bristles that block debris. As leaves are collected on top, they’re easier to remove.
  • Perforated guards. These gutter covers, which are usually made from vinyl or similar plastic, are also installed on top of your gutter system. They let water in while keeping debris out.
  • Screen guards. Finally, screen guards are a lightweight option made from metal or plastic. These systems essentially work in the same way as mesh and perforated guards.

Got Gutter Installation Questions? The Roof Mentors Have Answers!

If you’re seriously thinking about gutter guards, whether as an upgrade or as part of a roof repair or roof replacement job, reach out whenever you’re ready. The Roof Mentors are happy to answer all your gutter installation questions, and we can advise you about the best options for your property as part of the free estimates we offer.

Keep your gutters working swimmingly, and spend the time you would have invested in cleaning your gutters doing something you love!

The Gutter Masters is a gutter cleaning and roof installation company in San Diego, California.

5 Unexpected Dangers of Clogged Gutters

Life in Raeford, NC, is beautiful. Yes, summers are hot, and rain can be annoying. But at least winters aren’t like the one from the Game of Thrones. In Raeford, most people don’t brace themselves before the winter comes.

And that’s a big mistake because Raerofd gets rain every month (and some snow during the coldest part of the year).

We won’t talk about the importance of a healthy roof. You know you need to replace a roof that leaks more than the colander. We’ll focus on gutters. People neglect them, which leads to the terrifying things you’ll see below.

Clogged Gutters Are Like a Fuse Around Your Home

Most people don’t think about this… Homeowners connect gutters only with rain and water. But another element is known to take advantage of neglected gutters.


Yes. Dry leaves, twigs, granules from damaged shingles… All of that is perfect for catching a spark. However, it’s not very often that a fire starts in the gutters. So if that disaster doesn’t make you clean your gutters, the next one surely will.

How Much Faith in Your Foundations Do You Have?

Gutters are there to escort water away from your house. If they’re clogged during heavy rain, overflows are inevitable. Sometimes walls crack because of that much water. However, that’s not very often.

You’ll probably notice that paint peels at some places long before they crack (address that problem on time, so you don’t have to deal with serious issues later).

But… Even though seeing cracks in the walls of your home may seem scary, that’s not the cause of the problem. Walls cracks usually happen when the foundation of a house suffers water damage (or your roof leaks a lot).

Soil and concrete around the house absorb water and put pressure on the foundation. That’s where the real problem is. Yet, water damage on foundation walls is sneaky. People who never go to their basements don’t notice it on time. That’s why we suggest inspecting your whole house after every storm (especially if you had overflows).

Because if you don’t… You might get a free swimming pool. But it won’t make any of your neighbors jealous.

Do You Plan to Turn Your Basement into a Swimming Pool?

So let’s recap.

Clogged gutters can’t take water away from the house. That leads to overflows. And thanks to simple physics, water has nowhere to go but down. As you already know, that tests your foundation.

But if there’s too much water, your basement could flood even if your foundations were fine before that. Note that we used were fine instead of are fine because once your basement floods, you can expect water damage on your foundation.

Would You Like to Pay For Sidewalk Repairs?

We know you’re a good person who gives to charity and cares about people around you. But would you do your community a favor and pay for the new sidewalk in front of your house?

Yes. Not cleaning your gutters can cost you that much.

Concrete absorbs water. And water creates more space every time it passes. That’s how canyons are made over millennia. Yet, concrete is much softer than rocks, so it doesn’t take 10 million years to erode and crack.

Fascia Boards Aren’t Diamonds, Wood Isn’t Forever

We know that all those gutter scenarios are scary. Those are all serious issues. And they don’t happen all the time (but they aren’t rare either).

Still, leave all that debris in your gutters, and you’ll notice water damage on your roof. Wooden fascia boards are the first to suffer. Wood absorbs water and widens. That makes it crack, and as the board dries, it shrinks, which makes the paint peel (and widens the cracks).

Then because problems don’t come alone, you’ll start noticing other roof issues. And almost all of that could be prevented by showing your roof enough care.

So… Do what you can for your roof. Call the experienced Redford, NC roofer to do the rest. Even if your roof is new, letting pros inspect it once a year would make you sleep peacefully during storms.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Gutters Installed

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Gutters Installed

There is more to roofing than simply having a shingled roof on your home. Gutters, for example, are a crucial part of your roofing system. They play a big role in keeping your roof in top condition and your home safe from leaks. How is that? Keep reading to find out! 

We bring you five great reasons why you should have gutters installed.


Protect Your Home’s Foundation

One of the most important functions of the gutter system is to protect the foundation of your home and its walls. Gutters reduce the amount of water that gets into the base of your house. Without them, you will find that water can trickle down your home’s exterior and reach all the way into its foundations. This may result in major structural problems, which means many costly repairs. A simple solution to avoid all this stress and additional cost is to install a proper gutter system.


Avoid Damaged Siding 

Having gutter protection on your home will help you with keeping your siding and the outside section of your home from being damaged by rainwater. Gutters divert the water away from your home and make sure it doesn’t seep down causing damage to the siding. Not having gutters will allow the water to potentially enter through crevices and cracks in your siding, causing leaks and rotting from the inside. By having a quality gutter system installed, you will avoid big home remodeling projects such as replacing the entire siding, as well as potentially big costs of leak repair.


Keep Your Garage Safe 

If you have an attached garage, it will also be in your best interest to have gutter protection. You will find that if your garage door is left open and the rainwater goes straight inside, it can also cause damage to the siding, as well as to the inside of the garage, and even cause flooding. Therefore, installing gutter protection on your attached garage, as well, may save you a lot of unnecessary stress and potential repair costs.


Keep Pests Away Your Home

The installation of gutters can help in eliminating the risk of bugs and insects gathering around or getting inside your roof. They will usually be attracted to the pooling water that occurs on your roof when there is no gutter system to drain it. Once there, and without regular roof maintenance, pests can even gain access to the inside of your home. Installing gutters will eliminate your problems with ponding water on the roof, which also means no more unwanted bugs and insects.


Prevent Soil Erosion & Increase Curb Appeal

Gutters round out the look of your house and prevent the potential destruction of your yard and soil. Heavy rain can cause water to run down the sides of your home and thus create puddles around it. Those puddles collect dirt and debris that will float and spread all over your yard, even leading to landscape erosion. A proper drainage system will make sure water is adequately directed and prevented from destroying your yard, and increase your home’s curb appeal along the way.


Do You Need Gutters Installed? Call The Roof Mentors!

 Now that you know some of the top reasons why you should have gutters installed on your house, don’t wait any longer and give The Roof Mentors a call. Get in touch with our gutter installation specialists and we will install the gutters quickly and efficiently, so you can be completely safe and continue enjoying your time inside and outside of your home.