Roof Replacement_ What to Expect and How to Prepare

If your roof suffered a leak or other damage, you would likely be eager to contain the issue as soon as possible. Waiting too long can mean that the extent of the damage will not be limited to the roof. After all, shingles are only one aspect of a roof, and the structural supports are also important to keep your home safe. 

A roof replacement is usually the best way to avoid any further and costly damage to your home, and knowing the best way to prepare for it will give you peace of mind and make the entire process much easier.

When you hire a responsible and reliable roofing company, they will do most of the hard work – from prepping the old roof for removal to the clean-up afterward. 

But there are some key things that you, too, can do right from the start to help make your roof replacement experience go much smoother for everyone. Read on and find out what they are.


1. Choose the Right Contractor

Choose a roof replacement contractor with ample experience that does the type of roof installation you want and need. 

Don’t hire a roofing contractor that has never done a single roof replacement or hasn’t even bothered to get a license to run a roof installation business. Instead, opt for a professional who has enough knowledge and experience to not only get the job done properly but also one that has the experience and equipment to manage any damage that may occur during the job. 

The best way to find such a professional roofing contractor is to hire locally and look for references and recommendations from previous clients.


2. Clear Out Your Attic

As the attic is just below your roof, there might be some debris falling inside, as well as some vibrations from the hammering on the roof. Therefore, if you’ve got fragile or valuable items in the attic, make sure to take them out, or at least cover them up before the roof replacement contractor gets there.


3. Move Your Car

If you have a vehicle parked on your driveway, it would be best to move it during the roof replacement. This will help the roofers and give them enough space for their materials and tools, but it will also ensure your car doesn’t get scratched or damaged from the debris that might be falling from the roof.


4. Clean Up the Area in Front of the House

Apart from your car, make sure to move or at least cover up anything outside and near your home that might get damaged by falling debris. This mainly refers to things such as barbecue grills, potted plants, patio furniture, and anything else you might have. Also, make sure to have any antennas or satellite dishes removed before the replacement, or check with your roofer whether they will be removing them.


5. Keep Children and Pets Away from the Worksite

There is a risk of debris falling or some nails lying around when the roof is being replaced, and it poses a threat to your children and pets. Try to keep them away from the worksite and explain to the children why they cannot go outside while the roof is being replaced. It’s a good idea to designate an area for children to play safely. You can also put pets in a quiet place in the house so that the noise coming from above doesn’t stress them.


Get It Done the Right Way

A roof replacement is a bigger project that requires careful planning and proper preparation. However, if you take the time to find a reputable and experienced roof replacement contractor, your roofing replacement will be done without any major hassle or unexpected expenses.

The Roof Mentors are your #1 roof replacement contractors in Fayetteville NC, and we’ll always make sure the whole process of replacing your roof is smooth and stress-free.

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