A house with a shingled roof.

Roof replacement is a big step for every homeowner. We hope every replacement happens because people want to feel safer in their homes. But sometimes, the weather messes up the whole thing.

And that leads us to the first of (out of nine) frequently asked questions about roof replacement in Hope Mills, NC.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Replacements?

Yes. And no.

Yes (in most insurance companies):

  • if the damage is the result of a sudden accidental event or caused by nature.


  • if you need to replace a roof because of poor maintenance (you can’t forget about your roof and expect insurance to cover that).

Roofs that could legally crack a cold one (21 years and older) are partially covered by insurance (if at all), so you should always check your insurance policy to be sure.

How Often Should You Replace Your Asphalt Shingle Roof in Hope Mills, NC?

The climate in Hope Mills isn’t extreme, but summers are still hot, and there’s a lot of rain. That means roofs deal with heat, UV radiation, moisture, and temperature shifts. If it’s sunny the whole day, and the rain hits, that will cool the roof quickly. It’s not a big deal (and it’s not that you can control the weather).

But you can control your roof to an extent. If you take good care of it, an asphalt shingle roof can last over 20 years. However, depending on the weather and damage suffered, shingle roofs may require replacement once every 12 years.

When Is a Roof Replacement Better Than Repairs?

We understand that you want to save money if money for a replacement comes from your pocket. However, sometimes it’s better to let the sinking ship sink and get a new one.

The short answer is – if 30% or more of your roof is damaged, it’s better to replace it.

What’s the Best Time of the Year for a Roof Replacement in Hope Mills, NC?

Summer rains aren’t rare in Hope Mills, NC. In fact, July is the wettest month. That’s not the best time for a roof replacement because you may need to reschedule several times. And it’s hot.

If we need to pick a season, then it would be the fall.

But if we need to be more specific – November is the best month to replace a residential roof in Hope Mills, NC. Then it’s least likely to rain, and temperatures are bearable.

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take for Ordinary Homes?

Replacing a roof takes from 1 to 7 days.

It’s usually done in one day. But if the roof is very big or unusual, it can take longer.

Should I Be Home During the Roof Replacement?

If you trust your roofers, you don’t have to be home when they replace your roof.

However, many people like to stay there during the replacement to keep an eye on the workers. Some homeowners even take photos during replacement to ensure they have everything documented in case of problems.

Some roofers are annoyed by that. Our workers love it because they have nothing to fear or hide. They even pose for pictures.

Does a New Roof Lower Energy Bills?

Replacing a roof lowers energy bills. New roofs are more heat reflective (especially if you’re clever while picking a shingle color). New vent and insulation will reduce the temperature difference between the attic and the living area.

That means you won’t spend as much on air conditioning and heating.

Does Replacing Your Roof Increase House Value?

Yes, but not as much as you’d think. Still, if you want to sell your house, you can’t do it if the roof is damaged. And if you want to keep living in your home, you can’t afford to have a bad roof.

So, even if getting a new roof doesn’t increase the value of your house, it will boost your quality of life.

How to Know You Picked a Good Contractor for Roof Replacement?

If you’re thinking about a new roof, find a contractor who is:

  • Highly skilled and has a proven record
  • Sticks to deadlines
  • Honest and doesn’t promise the impossible
  • Transparent about everything they do
  • Keeps you updated throughout the project

And we at The Roof Mentors have all those traits, so you can chill while we replace your roof in Hope Mills, NC.

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