How to Choose a Reliable Roofing Contractor

To keep your roof in the best possible shape, it is important to hire only professional, qualified and experienced roofing contractors. However, how can you tell if a roofing contractor is reliable and will deliver desired results?

When it comes to choosing such a contractor, there are some simple guidelines you can follow. Read on to discover some great tips on what to look for in a roofer and how to choose the best one! 


Look for a Local Roofer

Choosing locally is always the best idea, so start by researching roofers in your area. Local roofers can be verified easily by asking your locals for references, and there is a high possibility you’ve already come across their business. They also know proper building codes and weather conditions in your area, which means you’ll get the best possible roof that meets all the requirements and quality standards.

Having a roofer nearby will also be convenient both for you and your roofer in case you need additional assistance and check-ups.


Ask for Some References

Before making any decisions, you can ask the roofing company to provide you with references and referrals from previous clients they worked with. Learning about their experience and getting some first-hand information from actual customers will help you decide if the roofer is the best choice for you.

And if the roofing company comes highly recommended and the majority of the customers were satisfied, your decision will undoubtedly be an easy one.


Check for Insurance Coverages and Licenses

It is vital that the roofer you choose is insured. If you hire a roofing contractor without the right liability insurance, you could be held personally liable for any injuries that occur on your home while the contractor is on your property.

You should also ask to see whether the roofing contractor has the proper licenses to work with roofs. The licenses show that the roofer conducts their job legally, according to all existing codes and regulations in the area, as well as that they are able to perform the roofing job properly.


Make Sure the Roofer Offers Warranties 

There are various types of warranties that roofing contractors may offer, but the two most common and important ones are the manufacturer’s and workmanship warranties. The manufacturer’s warranty serves as proof of the quality of roofing materials, and the workmanship warranty as proof of the quality of roofing work conducted.

A reliable roofer should be able to stand behind their roofing work and materials used, and offer proper warranties for both, so make sure to check if they do. 


Get the Estimate in Writing

Before any roofing work is done, make sure you are provided with an estimate that will specify all the tasks and materials needed for the project. Most roofing contractors will conduct a free estimate to let you know the approximate cost of the roofing work before they begin working.

Whether it is a small roof repair or a new roof installation you are inquiring about, you should get everything in writing and, if necessary, be walked through the contract so that everything is clear.


Call The Roof Mentors for All Your Roofing Needs

Now that you know the most important aspects to check, you will undoubtedly be able to find a roofing contractor that is a great fit for your needs. The Roof Mentors are proud to be your most reliable Roofing Fayetteville NC contractor, so get in touch with us if you require a roof replacement, roof repair, or any other roofing service. We will gladly be of assistance!

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