8 Most Frequent Residential Roofing Problems

Roofs are here to keep us safe and protected from the elements, but even the most durable ones can experience some unexpected issues, usually due to severe weather or old age. 

To protect your home, yourself, and your loved ones effectively, it is good to know some of the most common problems you can encounter with your roof, as well as how to spot them quickly. This will allow you to act on time before things get out of hand.

Read on and discover the eight most frequent residential roofing problems.


Damaged or Blown-Off Shingles

The most common problem you can encounter on your home’s roof is damaged or blown-off shingles due to bad weather. High winds can destabilize the roof by prying the flashing and your roof shingles. On the other hand, shingles can also break and crack due to heat and sun exposure, so make sure to check your roof every now and then and get regular professional inspections, especially after a storm.


Tree Branches Around Your Home

It’s worth cutting the branches around your home, as high winds will start to shake everything around. Falling branches and limbs can damage your roof, put extra pressure on it, and cause leaks.


Leaks on Your Roof

Roof leakage can cause serious damage in a very short time, and this problem should be resolved as soon as possible. Even when your shingles appear to be in good condition, leaks may still occur due to hidden damages. Some of the signs of leaks will be dark water spots on your interior walls and ceilings, so if you notice them, make sure to give your roofers a call.


Worn-Out or Damaged Flashing

Metal flashing strengthens the structure and extends the roof’s life, but nothing is made to last forever. Old age or severe storms can also affect the flashing, so make sure to have your roofer inspect it just like your shingles and replace or repair it if necessary.


Damaged or Clogged Gutters

If your downspouts or gutters start falling off, it spells a real disaster for your roof and home. In addition to that, damaged or clogged gutters are like inviting water into your home. Sometimes, it will be enough to clean and unclog downspouts and gutters, and other times, you will need to call your contractors to replace them before your home is exposed to greater danger.


Animals and Insects

Animals often like to build a nest on your roof, lay their eggs there, and sometimes even burrow through your roof. If you have any holes and damages on the roof, insects and critters might find their way into your attic and start nesting in it, as well. So make sure to keep an eye on any new nests on your roof and call a professional to remove them if necessary.


Ice and Snow Damage

Over time, ice and snow can damage any roof. When they melt, the water can seep underneath your shingles. If it freezes up there again, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

The ice under the shingles will pressure them, lift them, and leave gaps through which even more water can enter. The only way to ensure your roof is in great condition is to schedule routine spring and fall maintenance and inspections.


Inadequate Ventilation

Roof and attic ventilation are essential for the longevity of your roof since they regulate temperature and moisture levels in the attic. The vents must be working properly so that the warm air can escape through the top and cool air can be drawn through the bottom.

If ventilation is not working as it should, moisture and heat can build up, causing damage to the sheathing, rafters, insulation, shingles, and raise energy costs. Apart from that, you can also expect some mildew and mold issues. Therefore, make sure to have your ventilation regularly inspected, as well. 


Call The Roof Mentors for Professional Maintenance and Repair

The best way to avoid problems with your roof is to work with the best local roofing contractor who has an excellent reputation in the area.

If you need a thorough inspection, professional maintenance, or emergency roof repair, call your best residential roofing expert in Fayetteville, NC and we’ll make sure your roof is in top shape.

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