There is always something happening in Winston-Salem. You will not run out of ideas about what to do in the city. There are great traditions and cultures you can learn through some of the oldest festivals throughout every season of the year. You can also try various types of restaurants, from award-winning restaurants to restaurants located in historical landmarks. But there are lovely and unique recreational activities that you can do in Winston-Salem, from soaking up the serenity at Salem Lake Road to playing Ms. Pac-Man in the 80s and 90s arcade, and you can even Listen to some of the best live music.

Make sure to stop at some of these destinations to experience the city’s heart.

Salem Lake Road

Walk or bike on a Sunday Morning on the beautiful 7 miles walking trail, Salem Lake Road. The 365-acre lake features a pier and boat fishing, where the locals like to have some summer and fall adventures around the lake. Visitors can get a kayak or canoe and have it around the lake. The nature surrounding the lake is undoubtedly gorgeous, especially during the fall when the leaves turn yellow and red. The water is very calm, which is tempting for swimming, but it is not allowed, as this lake contributes to 20% of the community’s drinking. Nevertheless, it is perfect for outdoor activities with your family and friends. Watch out for cute turtles in the lake!

Bailey Park

Winston-Salem is a metropolitan area full of life. Take a breath in the local’s quick getaway from the bustling city vibe at Bailey Park. Bailey Park is a 1.6 acres park designed to give you the peace of mind that you need. It is an ideal place to hang out or have lunch during the work day. The park features a lot of tables and chairs for public use and a snack bar that opens at certain times. There are public restrooms surrounding the park. Bailey Park is also a famous place for people to do their exercise. You can find the locals bringing their yoga mats and having a session in the open green space. Many events occur in this park, from hosting exercises to music concerts. It is truly an urban oasis gem!

a/perture cinema

Experience watching an independent, foreign, documentary,and art film at a/perture cinema. It is a cute cinema that focuses on educating and promoting the general public about the film industry by showcasing films that build the community and enforce diversity. You can choose many movies from their film schedule and find an exciting selection. At a/perture cinema, the films consist of 35% are directed by women, with more than 50 countries represented annually in the cinema. It is a locally owned cinema and is likely to be the only independent cinema that features foreign and indie films in the city.

Reboot Arcade Bar

Travel back to the 80s and 90s in the Reboot Arcade Bar. Experience the infamous Winston-Salem’s first arcade bar at 534 N Liberty Street. Reboot Arcade Bar is filled with more than 60 retro arcade games that serve a full-service craft cocktail bar and draft beer. You can play all the classic games in the arcade cabinets and pinball machines. There are various games, including Donkey Kong, Street Fighter II, Ms. Pac-Man, and many more. Take your children and let them experience your childhood games!

The Quarry at Grant Park

Toss a frisbee, fly a kite, or have a picnic at the Quarry at Grant Park. The 200.34 acres park offers you the serenity and peace you need. Located at 1790 Quarry Road, the Grant Park overlooks the beautiful pier. From the dock, you can see the eastern side of the quarry and enjoy the blue water view. There are plenty of benches where you can picnic with your friends and family in this park.

Enjoy Winston-Salem

There are plenty of fun things to do in Winston-Salem. You will never get bored in this city. Not only many cute places you can visit, but there are great festivals you can attend and high-quality restaurants you can try. This city always has something for everyone!

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