It is a nice way to get to know the city by attending festivals across Winston-Salem. There are festivals throughout the year where the community comes together and celebrates the cause they are passionate about or believe in. We can learn about the city’s history and how particular industries affect cultural development and shift from these festivals.

Check out some of these oldest festivals that have been around for generations and guarantee lots of fun.

Carolina Classic Fair

Formerly called Dixie Classic Fair, the Carolina Classic fair is an event that began in the early 1800s. One lady was responsible for this spectacular event, which was a lady called Rosa Fries. Rosa started this fair as a community service project.In 1882, the fair became more popular. In that year, it was held in a warehouse in Winston-Salem. In the year of 1897, there was a new fair established called Piedmont Tobacco Fair, which then merged with the Dixie Classic Fair and formed a new name, Winston-Salem Fair. The fair grew more prominent each year,and people traveled across the city to attend this event. Families usually brought their dinner and stayed with their family and friends the whole night.

As the fair grew more popular over time, people thought it was necessary to build a proper fairground. Throughout the year, the name of the fair changes multiple times. And in 1956, the name changed to “Dixie Classic Fair for Northwest North Carolina,” before 2019, the name was commonly known as “Dixie Classic Fair.” Then finally, in October 2019, the city council changed the name of the fair to “Carolina Classic Fair,” which “Dixie” was tied with the slave owning and secessionist Confederate States of America.

The Carolina Classic Fair is a ten-day annual fair and has become the second-largest agricultural fair in North Carolina. The fair is filled with music concerts, exciting attractions, thrilling rides, tasty foods and drinks, amb beer garden, and a merchandise booth to commemorate the day. The average number of people coming to the fair is 325,000 visitors annually. It celebrated its 139th anniversary this year and is expected to be from September 29 – October 8, 2023.

Hispanic League, FIESTA

Promoting the inclusive community between Hispanic and non-Hispanic, the annual Hispanic League, Fiesta, takes place downtown Winston-Salem. Established in 1992,the cultural celebration is designed to promote and educate the general public about cross-cultural understanding between all people in the community.

It is a one-day festival that has attracted many tourists from across the country and celebrates together the diversity and culture of Hispanic/ Latinx people. This street festival has many fun attractions, fantastic foods and drinks, musical performances, art from local vendors, and importantly, the fantastic parade that uplifts 22 Latin countries. This year the festival has reached its 30th anniversary, and the title for the festival this year was “Celebrating Our Legacy, Igniting Our Future.”

Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair

Established in 1963, Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair was created by a group of people at the kitchen table. With a passion for art, they created Piedmont Craftsmen, a “club” dedicated to crafts artists and collectors who share the same passion for handmade objects. The goal is initially to create a guideline for the Piedmont Craftsmen’s juried membership for exhibitions. It aims to educate the general public as well on fine crafts and host an annual fair to promote and sell the member’s works. For over 50 years, the Piedmont Craftsmen has extended its missions and visions.

Nowadays, the Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair has become one of the most famous art festivals, with more than 100 artisans and artists promoting their unique jewelry, home goods, ceramics, glass, and many more incredible crafts. This festival also features live demonstrations for people to try and experience making crafts with different techniques. So whether you are an artist or simply looking for something to decorate your home, Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair is something you don’t want to miss!

Experience Winston-Salem

Learn more about the history of the city through its festivals. When you explore the city, make sure to try out some of the fantastic restaurants around Winston-Salem. There are plenty of places where you can take your family for a nice dinner or a beautiful speakeasy with your loved ones. Winston-Salem is a vibrant city with a great community. No time to waste, plan your visit to the city!

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