There are plenty of options to enjoy Winston-Salem. A lot of attractions spread across the city you can go with your family, friends, or loved ones. Whether you are visiting the city or locals, there is always something new to explore. Whatever the occasion is, the city has everything for you.

Are you looking for a place to hang out on Friday night that will guarantee a great time? Winston-Salem has many options where you can find yourself sipping a drink of your choice and listening to local artists performing different genres of music. So bring your friends on a live music bender in Winston-Salem.

Here’s our list of some of the places you would fall in love with the drinks and music.

Eastern Standard

Located at 1131 Burke Street, enjoy the modern bespoke that serves various elevated cocktails. This place has the best sophisticated ambiance for you to enjoy live music, which usually the Jazz Matazz plays in Eastern Standard. They are a jazz trio by Matt Kendrick, Cle Thompson, and Diana Tuffin. Enjoy the jazz music with some food and drinks. They offer delicious finger foods. One of the most favorite dishes on the menu and the chef’s selection is the Charcuterie and Margherita Flatbread. The Eastern Standard has an incredible selection of specialty cocktails, classic cocktails, wine, and mocktails. One of their drinks is called The Olde Flame, which consists of Tequila, Muddled Jalapenos, strawberry puree, and lime juice. It is the perfect companion to enjoy the night with live music in Eastern Standard.

Joymongers Barrel Hall

Enjoy live music every Friday and Saturday at Joymongers Barrel Hall. Famous for its beer, Joymongers Barrel Hall has more than 17 beers that you can try straight from their 90 years old garage, preserved in the historic West End. Joymongers Barrel Hall is famous for live music performances by local artists, and with that, they are focusing on growing the music scene community who love beer. Bring your friends to enjoy live music,beers, and food trucks on Friday night!

Radar Brewing Company

Try the new trendy upscale brewery and taproom at the Radar Brewing Company. Located at 216 East 9th Street, Radar Brewing Company is definitely serving you different types of beers,ciders, and wine. One of my favorite draft beers is the Earthrise, which consists of warming spices, gingerbread,and caramel. You can explore different types of beers and enjoy live music in their gorgeous indoor and spacious outdoor space. Live music in Radar Brewing Company takes place twice a week, usually on Friday and Saturday.


The local’s favorite place to hang out is the Roar. Roar is a four floors entertainment building with a fabulous dining hall and fantastic games. The dining hall is called the Fords Food Hall, which offers several different delicious food merchants, including Joey Correll’s American Street Food, Blue Crab Seafood Bar, Dragon Fruit Asian Fare, Zero Sei Piadina, and Centenario Mexican Fare. Roar will keep you entertained with its amazing games like golf simulators and bowling. With all the incredible entertainment, Roar will make your stay with their live music performances. Whether it is Jazz, pop, or funk music, Roar is always the right choice to hang out and enjoy live music!

The Ramkat

At 170 W 9th St, Ramkat is a music and performance space that hosts many events throughout the year. Many artists are performing in Ramkat. Almost every day, you can get a ticket to a music concert. The artists that perform in Ramkat come from all different genres. Besides music concerts, Ramkat hosts exciting events, such as silent disco and winter benefits. It is incredible to see all these various artists performing and creating a closer connection with the music community in Winston-Salem.

Local Artists & Music Community

The locals have diverse music preferences. There are places scattered around the city where you can find your music preference, with great artists performing and drinks accompanying you through the night. Whether you are a music enthusiast or just simply someone who wants to enjoy your Friday night, you have to visit some of these places and experience the music scene in Winston-Salem.

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