Fayetteville has interesting libraries spread across the city. You can find many types of libraries that offer an extensive range of book collections with great features, from cafes to teaching kitchens. Some of these libraries also have significant sections for kids,so you can bring your kids and spend the day going through their favorite books.

If you are planning to have some art and literature adventure, you must visit some of these libraries.

Fayetteville Public Library

Located at 401 W. Mountain Street, the Fayetteville Public Library opens to the public. This library has excellent features, including an event center, center for innovation, teaching kitchen, preschool library, grade school library, teen library, adult library, and lucky day collection area. There are various collections in the library, such as adult fiction and nonfiction, genealogy, and many more. You or your children can join many educational programs for people of certain ages. You are welcome to borrow books, CDs, or DVDs, including eBooks, and digital streaming materials.

Cumberland County Public Library

Cumberland County Public Library is located at 300 Maiden Ln. This library has one of the best collections of books in the state. You can find yourself going through book collections in this 80,000 square feet area. There are various art and literature that you can find in this library, including essential books, journals, videos, documents, novels, sound bytes, and many more.

North Regional Public Library

North Regional Public Library is a peaceful quiet library located at 855 McArthur Road. It is genuinely a great library with great librarians. If you are looking for a place to study, this library is one of the top library lists with a great ambiance. It has wifi and a spacious space for you to work.

West Regional Branch Library

West Regional Branch Library is a gem. It is located at 7469 Century Cir. This library offers a small and quiet place for you to explore. West Regional Branch Library is not only filled with books but also features small and large group study areas, conference rooms, multi- purpose community space,and a cafe.

Cliffdale Regional Branch Library

A library that always has something going on for everyone. It is Cliffdale Regional Branch Library located at 6882 Cliffdale Road. You can get more information about the current and upcoming events in their booklet. This library has a fantastic self-checkout system that makes your experience of getting books more efficient.

Charles W Chesnutt Library

Charles W Chesnutt Library is located inside Fayetteville State University. There is a history behind the connection between Charles W Chesnutt Library and Fayetteville State University. Both of them are connected through famous and essential writers from North Carolina. This library offers an extensive range of books and digital collections.

Get Your Books

This city has many exciting places to go. If you are new to the town, you can visit their museum and restaurants or even attend Sunday services in churches in Fayetteville. Visit some of these libraries and get the books you are looking for. In some libraries, a self-checkout system will make your experience more seamless. You can contact the librarians before visiting to ensure they have the necessary books. Fayetteville is a great city for literature lovers.

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