Fayetteville is one of the cities in the United States that has a great history. Mixed with old history and modern approach in the community is what makes the city continue to grow in recent years. However, the city has more to offer than just great history behind them. There are many beautiful natural sceneries that attract many visitors to come to Fayetteville. Whether swimming or even fishing, these lakes are suitable for your weekend getaway with your family or friends.

Here are some of our favorite lakes in Fayetteville that you can visit during your weekend gateway.

Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake is an exciting whole recreation area that attracts many outdoor enthusiasts. This recreation area allows you to hike, fish, picnic,camp, swim, and paddle board. The lake itself will give you the serenity and peaceful ambiance with birds’ voices in the background. You can easily spot different types of birds in the summer. The lake is excellent for water sports because it has calm water that is very fresh once you get into the lake.

Hope Mills Lake

Take a swim in Hope Mills Lake, which opens from sunrise and closes thirty minutes before sunset. Initially, the lakes were established after the dam was broken and had a construction project. You can rent a kayak to explore the lake. You can take your boat around the lake if you have a boat permit. Many families spend their weekends at the lake.

Glenville Lake

Glenville Lake is a 1,470 acres area known as Thorpe Reservoir. It is famous for its fishing lake. This lake also has Fishing Tackle Loaner Program, in which you can borrow a row and reels for 24 hours and go on your fishing trip around the lake. This program is open to people of all ages. You are likely to catch several fish, such as Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Large Mouth Bass,etc.

Kornbow Lake

Kornbow Lake is a fishing lake that crosses the great area of Fayetteville. Make sure to call and consult the local resources before you come. This lake has strict regulations for fishing activities, which cover the time you are allowed to fish, the amount of fish you can keep, and many more. It has been one of the fishing trip destinations for all fishing lovers.

Lake Rim

Take a boat or swim in the Lake Rim, which also includes the beautiful park. If you want to have a little adventure, visit Lake Rim Park. This park offers a great selection of fun outdoor features, such as horseshoe pits and natural areas. It also has tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and athletic fields for you to have a quick game with your friends. There are picnic tables across the park, with children’s playgrounds for your younger kids to have fun.

Weekend in the Lake

Nothing better than to escape the bustling city to a serene and peaceful lake. In Fayetteville, you can have many choices of the lake to visit. Most of the lakes are family-friendly and offer many great outdoor activities. So take a break from your daily routine and escape to these magnificent lakes in Fayetteville.

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