North Carolina is known for its many natural wonders. Some of these wonders can be found in a city with a rich history and a bright future. You guessed it, we are talking about a picturesque family town, Fayetteville. With its scenic riverfront, beautiful parks and lively downtown area, it offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to relax or an adventure, you will all find it here.

Go on a tour with us! Our first stop is Arnette Park.

Arnette Park

During the holidays this park turns into a magical place and it is the home of “Christmas in the Park.” The event is very special to the kids who enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas, while their parents are entertained by local artists.

Tourists and others can enjoy roasted marshmallows at the fire pit, get creative at the craft station, relax and watch some of the most popular holiday movies on an outdoor movie screen and take a ride on the Christmas Express train.

Important to mention: kids, don’t forget to stop by and visit Santa!

During the rest of the year, Arnette Park means a lot to Fayetteville’s residents. Picnic pavilions, ball fields and more make this a popular gathering spot for families and large groups. The one mile perimeter road is ideal for biking and walking. Well behaved pets are also welcomed to enjoy a walk around the park.

Christina Smith Park

Christina Smith Park is one of the many gems that can be found in Fayetteville. The park is home to a wide variety of local plants and animals, and it is a popular spot for picnics and outdoor recreation. This place also has an impressive array of amenities, including a playground, a basketball court, and a pavilion. In addition, the park hosts a number of events throughout the year, such as concerts and festivals.

What makes it even more special is the Splash Pad, a unique water feature and recreation area. It is intended for children to gather, play and cool off during the summer months.

Cape Fear Botanical Garden

The Cape Fear Botanical Garden is a beautiful, sprawling oasis in the heart of Fayetteville. Visitors can explore thousands of species of plants there, from towering oak trees to delicate wildflowers. It also features a number of interactive exhibits, including a butterfly house and a nature center. Throughout the year the garden hosts a variety of educational programs and events.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to admire nature or an exciting day filled with learning, the Cape Fear Botanical Garden is sure to please!

Lake Rim Park

Lake Rim Park is the home to a variety of wildlife, including ducks, geese and deer. Lovely animals! The children will be happy to see them.

It offers its visitors a chance to enjoy both – nature and outdoor activities. Picnic areas, walking trails, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, athletic fields, children’s playgrounds, Lake Rim Park has it all!

It is a great place to spend the day outdoors, because it gives you an opportunity to fish or to go canoeing and kayaking on the lake. The lake is another great feature that gives this park its special charm.

As animal lovers, we have to emphasize that you can also bring your well – behaved furry family members to enjoy a walk, or even a run!

After a long, stressful and hectic week, the peace of Fayetteville’s parks comes as medicine for the soul. You can move, hang out with your family and friends or just relax and meditate. Whatever suits you better!

What have you decided? Are you coming this weekend or the one after?

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