Winston-Salem is a historic city, and its culinary scene showcases its North Carolina roots but also looks ahead to contemporary cuisine and up-and-coming trends. Foodies love it, and for good reason. You could literally spend days just walking around the city and touring its many restaurants and cafes.

Whether you’re planning a visit to Winston-Salem, NC, or if you live in the area, you could use a food guide to this charming Southern metropolis. We’re checking out some of the finest restaurants the city has to offer.

Ryan’s Restaurant

When it comes to steak, you should come to Ryan’s Restaurant! This fine dining establishment has been a local staple since its establishment in 1977. Winston-Salem natives will tell you this is the best steak joint in town, but that’s not all. It’s also where you can get amazing chops and some awesome seafood as well.

Ryan’s Restaurant is the first on our list, but it’s not really downtown. It’s where you go if you want to escape the fast pace of the city’s center and enjoy panoramic views of a nearby stream and oak trees. Try the Angus ribeye or their locally sourced pork chop – which is a specialty, and we’ll let you discover how great it is on your own.


For those who want a truly remarkable dining experience, we suggest Fabian’s. It was established in 1966 by chef Fabian Botta whose menu is rooted in local ingredients prepared with innovative flair. Their crispy duck with an orange glaze is to die for.

What about the drinks? This restaurant features an extensive wine list – there’s a perfect bottle for every meal. Fabian’s will satisfy even the most demanding lover of the culinary arts.


Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro is, as the name suggests, inspired by Southern recipes, but they put their own twist on each meal. They have shrimp grits, cheese grits, mac and cheese, coconut pie, peach chutney, and a great number of amazing signature dishes.

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Winston-Salem, NC, so if you are visiting, plan ahead and make reservations. You shouldn’t miss out on Mozelle’s, and locals will probably tell you this place has perfect seating, staff, and food – they excel at everything.

Noble’s Grille

Chef Jim Noble brought back some of that Californian cuisine style he became accustomed to in Napa Valley and fused it with Southern and Mediterranean traditions. The result? An elegant restaurant with a vast dining space and exquisite menu, making it the perfect place for date night. Chef Noble also runs The King’s Kitchen and Rooster’s Kitchen, two eating establishments you can put on your must-visit list.

The ingredients are locally sourced, and even the appetizers show it – Harmony Ridge Farm Eggs, house bacon, and roasted red pepper. Noble’s Grill will impress you and leave you craving more. When you’re done visiting museums for the day, reward yourself with a meal at Noble’s.

Hakka Chow

Tourists will more likely opt for something authentic to Winston-Salem, NC, but when the locals want Asian food, they go to Hakka Chow. The restaurant serves a fusion of Asian dishes whose origin leads to China, India, Thailand, Mongolia, and more. Speaking of, you have to try their Mongolian beef!

If your eating habits do not include meat, don’t worry. Hakka Chow also has amazing vegetarian dishes. This is a more relaxed place whose menu won’t break your bank and their wide selection of noodles, sushi, flatbread, and curries are ideal for dinner with a group of friends.

Go on a Food Tour

We’re ending our list here, but we encourage you not only to visit the places we mentioned but continue on your own food tour of Winston-Salem. This city can surprise you at any corner, and you might find a perfect bistro or the best chicken shack ever purely by chance. Enjoy Winston-Salem to the fullest and dig into its culinary scene!

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